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Work-Related Injuries

When you are experiencing pain or a decline in performance due to a work-related injury, it's time to seek help from a physical therapist. A physical therapist from Integrity Therapy will design a treatment program to improve function, maximize abilities, and speed recovery for employees with traumatic or overuse injuries that occur on the job.

For those who have been injured on the job, we implement manual physical therapy techniques, exercise, and modalities to speed return to work. Our therapist assesses work duties and provide exercises that simulate workplace requirements. We believe a coordinated approach of assessment and conditioning are required to return you to a level where you can safely perform the essential functions of your job.

Our services support work-injury prevention and employee rehabilitation, which can help decrease time on disability as well as costs related to lost work time. We can assist by providing education regarding ergonomic work practices and use of protective body mechanics that help establish and maintain healthy work habits.

We can provide an ergonomic study, an analysis of how a worker responds when performing a task in relation to the work environment, to help identify risks for work-related musculoskeletal disorders. A therapist will review the impact of injury on the worker's job performance to establish physical qualifications for safe job performance and recommend job modifications that will enable you to work safely and productively.

This individualized therapy program focuses on helping the injured worker regain optimal function and return to work through physical conditioning and job simulation tasks. It's a program that's proven to work.

Contact us today if you're suffering from a work-related injury and are ready to get back to work.