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We have experience with physically challenged children of all ages, both in the clinical and educational setting. We work to help children of all abilities to be their best. Our work includes rehabilitation and therapy for sports injuries, reluctant walkers, and long-term therapy for chronic conditions. We are committed to helping kids live active and full lives.

We evaluate and treat infants, children, and young adults who have acute medical problems, rehabilitation needs, and congenital and acquired conditions.

We treat clients with the following conditions:

  • Developmental Delay
  • Genetic disorders
  • Neurological disorders (Cerebral palsy and CVA)

Treatment at Integrity Therapy is provided through a continuum of care based on the patient's level of function and ability. Each patient receives a thorough evaluation and a therapy program designed to achieve the patient's and family's goals. For the best possible results, we encourage families to be actively involved in therapy sessions, exercises at home, and post-therapy follow-ups.

If you’re ready to see your child succeed, contact us today.