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Geriatric physical therapy is a proven method for older adults from every level of physical ability to improve their balance and strength, build their confidence, restore their mobility, and maintain their independence. Physical therapy can also reduce pain and increase fitness levels.

As we age, our muscles, bones, and joints become weaker and lose their flexibility. Weight-bearing exercises and strength training can help prevent the loss of bone density and muscle mass that lead to disability and frailty. Balance training is also a key component of geriatric physical therapy and it can significantly reduce the risk of falls for the elderly. These falls are one of the leading causes of hospitalization for the aging and the loss of their independence. They can result in hip and other bone fractures and breaks, other injuries, and even death. However, these risks can be combated by beginning a regular physical therapy program now.

A geriatric physical therapy program will include:

  • Exercise and Strength Training – Our exercise program will take into account any preexisting medical and orthopedic conditions. Strength training can help rebuild lost bone mass by increasing the blood flow to bones. Rebuilding bone mass is especially important for women who are suffering from osteoporosis.
  • Manual Therapy – A hands-on technique that includes manipulation and mobilization to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structures.
  • Education – Our physical therapist teaches patients and their families how to properly use assistive devices and how to protect patients from further injury.

If you would like to better manage the symptoms of a long-term illness or improve your general health, mobility, and independence, then physical therapy can help you reach your goals. Contact us today to set up a consultation appointment.