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Pre-/Post-Surgical Conditioning

Recovering from invasive surgery can be a challenge. However, there are ways to meet that challenge and increase your chances of a full and speedy recovery by participating in a pre-/post-surgical conditioning program. Many surgeons realize the benefits of incorporating a pre-/post-surgical conditioning program into a patient’s treatment plan.

Pre-/Post-surgery conditioning is designed to prepare patients for upcoming surgery or to continue progressive, rehabilitative, and/or therapeutic exercises after surgery.

Pre-surgical conditioning and education is essential prior to surgery for a successful outcome. Post-surgical rehabilitation focuses on the affected area and also the surrounding areas where compensatory muscle use and behavior may develop. The holistic approach of physical therapy to musculoskeletal interactions is one of the reasons patients who use it recover from surgery faster and more completely.

We understand that conditioning muscles before surgery can be critical to successful rehabilitation. Muscle loss post surgery is difficult to regain and even harder when muscles are already atrophied prior to surgery due to injury and disuse. In addition, joint flexibility and expanded range of motion before surgery enhance recovery.

  • Post-fracture rehab
  • Pre- and Post-surgery therapy
  • Muscle strains
  • Joint and ligament sprains, including bursitis
  • Overuse injuries
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • Help with pain management
  • Increased comfort levels
  • Increased mobility
  • Reduction of swelling before and after surgery
  • Reduced recovery time

We offer pre-/post-surgery rehabilitation to patients to restore function, relieve pain, promote healing, and prevent disability. If you have an upcoming surgery and are curious if physical therapy should be a part of your treatment plan, contact us today.